Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time I’ve been really busy with school and everything else that comes with being in High School.😂😂
But I have some GREAT news!!! I’m starting an ASL Club ( American Sign Language ) I have been wanting to spread awareness for deaf people because I feel like nobody really cares or knows. But I finally found a sponsor and I can’t wait for our first club meeting 🙌☺️☺️


So currently I am sitting in class waiting for it to be 2:40 so I can go to band for the big game.
The teacher today told us that the field we’re marching on is HORRIBLE like it has ditches and it is just grass. So I’m kinda nervous about that.
Also today they told us who’s on the homecoming court which really disappointed me because it is people who you predict would be on there. Like why can’t there be a different time of girl like the shy one or the weird or anything. Also I am really excited about my principles of human service because we are going to start to cook!!!! And I really love cooking so I know I’m going to love it.

PIcture Dayyy

Every memory begins with a photo.

Today was my first picture as a freshman!! But i think i looked kinda crappy because i had just got back from band and i was sweaty and i  didn’t have time to get ready. But oh whaallleeeeee.

Also i got to play teacher today which was pretty fun. I just had to teach some kids in my class some stuff they didn’t know but i got to be in my own classroom which was really exciting!!

Today was also really great because i bought a michael jacksons last album. Which is sad but it a really great album.


A little lie won’t hurt anyone said the guy who ended up in jail.

Today I told a lie. I know it was wrong of me and I should have just told the truth but it felt better just telling a lie. It wasn’t a lie about anything bad but i still felt bad.

Sometimes lies are necessary because you don’t want to hurt someone but it’s better just to tell the truth because what if the person you told the lie to finds out the truth from someone else, then they will never trust you again.

I just felt like telling you all that lying can be bad but it is sometimes necessary. Now onto the lie I told… it wasn’t really like a really big lie or even about something bad. But later regret catches up to you and laches onto your emotions and makes you feel really bad for lying.

Just remember that if you tell a lie it will feels really bad afterwards even if you say it won’t.

The day after Friday.


So of course today is Saturday & as you would possibly think as any other normal teenager I would probably be out hanging out with my friends or out partying. Well I am not your average teenager so I am currently watching World War Z in my  living room being lazy as ever.

What is the definition of weekends, according to the online dictionary it means the end of the week or a period between friday and monday. So in that definition it does not state that we can’t be lazy and just watch tv all day. I don’t see why people make a big of things when you tell them you didn’t do anything for the weekend. It doesn’t mean that I have no life it just means i didn’t feel like doing anything today.

Let’s change the subject for a little bit. So as I stated before I am currently watching World War Z which is definitely a really interesting and well created movie. I just really like watching movies with “zombies” in them. Like another great movie is well its not a movie it’s more of a show. The walking dead is like the best show everrrrr, but that’s my opinion. My favorite character is of course Rick. I wonder if zombies could ever exist not like the dead coming back to life but as in a virus spreading and then becoming a zombie. I hope it can never happen but this is a strange world and anything might be able to happen.

Opinions matter.

Minds these days.

This actually happened a couple of week ago but i’m still worried for the kids at my school. I mean it isn’t anything physical but it’s just mentally it feels like the kids at my school aren’t able to think. Let me explain why, so as i have stated before i’m a freshman just got to highschool & before i got to highschool in the junior high i use to take pre-ap english which to say was not that hard. So this year i decided to take a break from pre-ap classes because i wanted to start my freshman year with good grades. Some people had told me that the pre-ap teacher gives a lot of homework and assignments & i am in extra curricular activities which means i won’t have to do all of her assignments. So in conclusion i decided to get in regular english. Now like third day of school i believe the teacher gave us the easiest assignment ever which was; write your opinion on what you think the quote means. So this was the quote, ” poverty is the mother of all crime.” As i was started to write everyone around me started to ask what does poverty mean & i was like really guys we are in ninth grade we should really know what this means. I mean if it would have been just one person asking ti would had been fine but i mean literally it was the whole class asking. They even thought the assignment was hard i mean what is so hard about expressing your opinion?!? Also this class is crazy loud, the class has about thirty two kids and i don’t see why everyone has to be so loud. Some advice i have you are stuck in writing about what you think is look at the world around you what do you think of it. Do you think there is more to this universe. The key is to have an open mind and ask yourself questions about anything you don’t understand. Believe in what you think is real to you don’t let anyone influence your opinions. Also a great excercise for your mind is to vizualize things. Have an imagination.

I know i got a little off topic but it just angers me that people don’t have open minds & that they don’t have opinions. To end all of my rant i want to leave y’all with this question…

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Hungry, Hungry, Hungryy

Well that’s what I get for waking up late.
So today I was dumb enough to decide that two little containers of jelly would be enough for breakfast, which of course I was completely wrong. I am now in second period and all you can hear is the growls of my stomach. But good thing it’s Friday I don’t have to worry about anything for two days 😋 But remember never skip the most important meal of the day which of course is breakfast.

Don’t tell my mother.

Some things were not meant to be dyed.

So today i decided that i was feeling crafty so i decided to tie dye one of my shirts just because. Well lets just say i’m not an expert at all of these things. When i was dyeing my shirt in the kitchen sink i accidently  splashed the dye everywhere! Good thing i had my music real loud so my mom didn’t hear the big splash. But that wasn’t the only bad thing that happened, when i was getting ready to was my shirts in the washing machine i didn’t know you were suppose to have more clothes to wash. I may have flooded the machine with water. But i fixed it right on time because my mom was about to come check on me.

I learned today that you may want to be careful of what your are doing and also to read instruction and to anything that involves liquid outside.

Rest in peace my polka dot half sock.

You can’t always anything you want Alaska.

Today was the one day that i decided to leave my room door open, that was a bad mistake. As i was turning around I saw that my dog [Alaska] grabbed something and took off running to the living room. So of course i thought she took something important so i decided to go after her. When i got to the living room, Alaska was hiding under the couch and as i bent down to grab whatever she took i realized that it was just a sock. I thought she just wanted to play with it but as i was about to grab it i saw her swallow it!! I was in shock and i was trying to grab her so i could take it out of her mouth but she took off running to her cage. I dashed towards her but i realized it was to late. Scared & nervous i started to panic i didn’t know what to do or give her so i screamed for my mom. When my mom came and i had told her she was calm as like nothing i had told her mattered. She just told me to give her cooking oil that it will either make her throw-up or poop it out. So i did as my mom told me and the second i gave it to her she started to regurgitate i quickly grabbed her and took her outside.

When i let her back in she looked better and even happier than ever. Now i now not to ever leave my room door open when Alaska is inside.

The trick to a memorable highschool experience.

You do know that there is a way to enjoy highschool, right?

Well the trick is as simple as 123 all you really have to do is get involved you know when they tell you that you will make new friends if you get involved well they are not lying. Join some clubs that you know you will enjoy & also go to all the dances you might even meet someone new there too. Try to talk to everyone at least start by saying “hello” or “hey” its the simple things that you say that count.

Don’t be afraid to talk to anyone just be yourself and don’t let anyone get in the way of that 🙂