Homecoming is among us.

Homecoming what every girl secretly desires to part of that including me of course.

So as everyone has already noticed football season has started which means homecoming is about to start. For people who don’t have a clue what homecoming is, it is the time where everyone at school decides who gets to be queen & there is also a dance but i think all girls just care about the court.

As a freshman of course i am confused on who to nominate especially because i hate almost all the girls in my school but we still have to nominate and vote so i think ill just nominate a girl that no one seems to give attention to or in highschool terms,” that weird girl.” I believe everyone deserves to feel special i don’t see why all the popular girls get attention i mean they really aren’t as special as everyone thinks,

Homecoming dates. Wow hardest part of all i mean its hard enough all the boys have ugly personalities but now we have to have dates well we don’t have to but of course we girls think that if we don’t have dates that we are considered losers or loners.

To finish this post off i would just like to say be yourself don’t worry if you dont fit in you will probably never see these people in your life again until the reunion of course.

2 thoughts on “Homecoming is among us.

  1. I’m enjoying your posts. I wanted to take a moment to remind you not to forget your own advice: “be yourself don’t worry if you dont fit in you will probably never see these people in your life again…” Keep writing. Keep blogging. Be careful how much you tell about yourself. Yes, Texas is big but how many “Mad-lines” play the euphonium and like the same things/clubs you listed? You’d be surprised at the small number. Be careful how much info you give about yourself. Okay, “Mom” is done lecturing. Keep writing!

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