There’s this guy.

Crushes people say that if a crush lasts more than three months then you are in love.

As the title states there is this guy that i like & well i think he likes me but i’m too shy to ask him like on a date date. I mean we talk like friends but i don’t think he views me as more than friends. Just to give you a clue on what he looks like enjoy some of my descriptive words that i shall use: tall, cute, talented, curly hair, cute smile,& of course his voice it do die for!

There was this one guy last year who i totally liked he was cute & the had the greatest personality everrrr. But of course he had to get a girlfriend like why does he have to have one like really did you not notice that i liked you. I was indeed sad at first but i was at the same time happy because like you know at least he is happy. I mean i’m not really a mean person i like to care about others and listen to them and all that kinds of things. But what happened after he got a girlfriend was that we grew apart we stopped talking daily and he stopped telling me goodnight with those little cute emojis lol. I still kinda have feelings for because he was like the first boy i actually really liked but i have gotten over him by starting to talk to new people.

I view myself as a person who wont have a boyfriend until shes in college i mean i dont know why but there hasn’t been a lot guys that i have stuff in common with but that may be because i’m not really that social lol. But i know there is hope [ i sound so mysterious] i mean it is four years of highschool so i can find someone who i truly like. But yeah im the type of girl who won’t admit that i actually want a boyfriend like i want to feel loved by someone other than my family i want to go on dates i want to make-out i want to get in trouble i want to enjoy everything life has to offer even if some of the things are bad.

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