IOS8 Review.

Well i just recently updated my phone to the ios8 and well it took a while but i cant say it was worth it because right after i downloaded it and tried to get on instagram and all my other apps it became really slow i really do hope they fix it because it wont let me get on my music app anymore which sucks because i had a to of music and now i have to redownload it again.

Also they finally added a timer to the camera which i would say why didn’t they add it earlier like all the other phones have timer why add yours later but i really do like the new brightness thing though. Also i just wish they would have added a little bit of more things i mean nothing really changed they just added really useless things. But thats my opinion. Also i really did like the graphics for when you slide up they look really cartoonish but i really do like that. But all in all i just hope they fix the bug problems and the slowness.

Also i know this really didn’t have anything to do with my blog topic but oooo whalleeeee.

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