Don’t tell my mother.

Some things were not meant to be dyed.

So today i decided that i was feeling crafty so i decided to tie dye one of my shirts just because. Well lets just say i’m not an expert at all of these things. When i was dyeing my shirt in the kitchen sink i accidently  splashed the dye everywhere! Good thing i had my music real loud so my mom didn’t hear the big splash. But that wasn’t the only bad thing that happened, when i was getting ready to was my shirts in the washing machine i didn’t know you were suppose to have more clothes to wash. I may have flooded the machine with water. But i fixed it right on time because my mom was about to come check on me.

I learned today that you may want to be careful of what your are doing and also to read instruction and to anything that involves liquid outside.


4 thoughts on “Don’t tell my mother.

  1. So how did your t-shirt come out?? Lets see. Lol. Im the same except with my boyfriends work clothes. Everytime I wash his shirts it shrinks. He tells me over and over and over again to use hot water but never listens.. l like reading your blogs there great.


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