Rest in peace my polka dot half sock.

You can’t always anything you want Alaska.

Today was the one day that i decided to leave my room door open, that was a bad mistake. As i was turning around I saw that my dog [Alaska] grabbed something and took off running to the living room. So of course i thought she took something important so i decided to go after her. When i got to the living room, Alaska was hiding under the couch and as i bent down to grab whatever she took i realized that it was just a sock. I thought she just wanted to play with it but as i was about to grab it i saw her swallow it!! I was in shock and i was trying to grab her so i could take it out of her mouth but she took off running to her cage. I dashed towards her but i realized it was to late. Scared & nervous i started to panic i didn’t know what to do or give her so i screamed for my mom. When my mom came and i had told her she was calm as like nothing i had told her mattered. She just told me to give her cooking oil that it will either make her throw-up or poop it out. So i did as my mom told me and the second i gave it to her she started to regurgitate i quickly grabbed her and took her outside.

When i let her back in she looked better and even happier than ever. Now i now not to ever leave my room door open when Alaska is inside.


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