Opinions matter.

Minds these days.

This actually happened a couple of week ago but i’m still worried for the kids at my school. I mean it isn’t anything physical but it’s just mentally it feels like the kids at my school aren’t able to think. Let me explain why, so as i have stated before i’m a freshman just got to highschool & before i got to highschool in the junior high i use to take pre-ap english which to say was not that hard. So this year i decided to take a break from pre-ap classes because i wanted to start my freshman year with good grades. Some people had told me that the pre-ap teacher gives a lot of homework and assignments & i am in extra curricular activities which means i won’t have to do all of her assignments. So in conclusion i decided to get in regular english. Now like third day of school i believe the teacher gave us the easiest assignment ever which was; write your opinion on what you think the quote means. So this was the quote, ” poverty is the mother of all crime.” As i was started to write everyone around me started to ask what does poverty mean & i was like really guys we are in ninth grade we should really know what this means. I mean if it would have been just one person asking ti would had been fine but i mean literally it was the whole class asking. They even thought the assignment was hard i mean what is so hard about expressing your opinion?!? Also this class is crazy loud, the class has about thirty two kids and i don’t see why everyone has to be so loud. Some advice i have you are stuck in writing about what you think is look at the world around you what do you think of it. Do you think there is more to this universe. The key is to have an open mind and ask yourself questions about anything you don’t understand. Believe in what you think is real to you don’t let anyone influence your opinions. Also a great excercise for your mind is to vizualize things. Have an imagination.

I know i got a little off topic but it just angers me that people don’t have open minds & that they don’t have opinions. To end all of my rant i want to leave y’all with this question…

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?


One thought on “Opinions matter.

  1. I would suggest you breaking down your entry a little bit. The first paragraph was quite long and you had the opportunity there to break it down, especially when you started talking about the assignment. Having said that, I understand where you are coming from. There are several versions of truth out there and unfortunately some people are closed minded for many reasons. I personally believe that close minded people are simply ignorant. Some believe that ignorance is indeed bliss. By contrast, as you said, questioning arguments, comments and so on is key to understanding more what surrounds us.


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