A little lie won’t hurt anyone said the guy who ended up in jail.

Today I told a lie. I know it was wrong of me and I should have just told the truth but it felt better just telling a lie. It wasn’t a lie about anything bad but i still felt bad.

Sometimes lies are necessary because you don’t want to hurt someone but it’s better just to tell the truth because what if the person you told the lie to finds out the truth from someone else, then they will never trust you again.

I just felt like telling you all that lying can be bad but it is sometimes necessary. Now onto the lie I told… it wasn’t really like a really big lie or even about something bad. But later regret catches up to you and laches onto your emotions and makes you feel really bad for lying.

Just remember that if you tell a lie it will feels really bad afterwards even if you say it won’t.


2 thoughts on “Lies.

  1. I’m glad you learned this early on. Some people never learn or by the time they do, they’ve hurt someone they love. And you’re right, once a lie is discovered, the trust goes with that discovery.


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