The day after Friday.


So of course today is Saturday & as you would possibly think as any other normal teenager I would probably be out hanging out with my friends or out partying. Well I am not your average teenager so I am currently watching World War Z in my  living room being lazy as ever.

What is the definition of weekends, according to the online dictionary it means the end of the week or a period between friday and monday. So in that definition it does not state that we can’t be lazy and just watch tv all day. I don’t see why people make a big of things when you tell them you didn’t do anything for the weekend. It doesn’t mean that I have no life it just means i didn’t feel like doing anything today.

Let’s change the subject for a little bit. So as I stated before I am currently watching World War Z which is definitely a really interesting and well created movie. I just really like watching movies with “zombies” in them. Like another great movie is well its not a movie it’s more of a show. The walking dead is like the best show everrrrr, but that’s my opinion. My favorite character is of course Rick. I wonder if zombies could ever exist not like the dead coming back to life but as in a virus spreading and then becoming a zombie. I hope it can never happen but this is a strange world and anything might be able to happen.


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