PIcture Dayyy

Every memory begins with a photo.

Today was my first picture as a freshman!! But i think i looked kinda crappy because i had just got back from band and i was sweaty and i  didn’t have time to get ready. But oh whaallleeeeee.

Also i got to play teacher today which was pretty fun. I just had to teach some kids in my class some stuff they didn’t know but i got to be in my own classroom which was really exciting!!

Today was also really great because i bought a michael jacksons last album. Which is sad but it a really great album.

3 thoughts on “PIcture Dayyy

  1. Fantastic post. Though I am new at WordPress it’s posts like these that inspire me to write more. I hope you can take some time and go through my blog. It’s new but your critique can help me hone my art too. 🙂 PS: MJ was the king. The last great artist that was built without YouTube. I hope you have heard Thriller and Black/White 🙂


  2. I remember picture day. The planning of what to wear. The hoping that it wouldn’t rain…or worse, be windy. We took pictures during our gym class so at least we didn’t have to worry that we would be sweaty or have wet hair for picture day. Then once the pictures had been snapped, we worried until we got them back. Picture day. High school. So many memories.


  3. By the way, this post inspired me to write a post on my blog. I provided a link back to this post but I think you have your blog settings to not get pingbacks so if you want to see what you inspired, click on my picture/name and it will take you to my blog. The post is called Picture Day. Thanks!


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