So currently I am sitting in class waiting for it to be 2:40 so I can go to band for the big game.
The teacher today told us that the field we’re marching on is HORRIBLE like it has ditches and it is just grass. So I’m kinda nervous about that.
Also today they told us who’s on the homecoming court which really disappointed me because it is people who you predict would be on there. Like why can’t there be a different time of girl like the shy one or the weird or anything. Also I am really excited about my principles of human service because we are going to start to cook!!!! And I really love cooking so I know I’m going to love it.


One thought on “Bordommmmm.

  1. Be careful on that field. It doesn’t sound too good to be marching on that.
    As far as the Homecoming Court, maybe you should start talking about it now…keep talking it up and maybe by next year you can get others to nominate someone other than the typical ones, which I am assuming are the cheerleaders and most popular girls. It can be done. Just start working on it, now.


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