Getting Ready

The hardest part of the day is getting up & getting dressed for school.
If you are like me you know how to manage your time I still do like to sleep in. Choosing an outfit is also really hard because if you want to impress someone you have to find something “cute” to wear. Also why is school in the mornings couldn’t it have been in the afternoon like whyyyy creator of school times! 😂


IOS8 Review.

Well i just recently updated my phone to the ios8 and well it took a while but i cant say it was worth it because right after i downloaded it and tried to get on instagram and all my other apps it became really slow i really do hope they fix it because it wont let me get on my music app anymore which sucks because i had a to of music and now i have to redownload it again.

Also they finally added a timer to the camera which i would say why didn’t they add it earlier like all the other phones have timer why add yours later but i really do like the new brightness thing though. Also i just wish they would have added a little bit of more things i mean nothing really changed they just added really useless things. But thats my opinion. Also i really did like the graphics for when you slide up they look really cartoonish but i really do like that. But all in all i just hope they fix the bug problems and the slowness.

Also i know this really didn’t have anything to do with my blog topic but oooo whalleeeee.

There’s this guy.

Crushes people say that if a crush lasts more than three months then you are in love.

As the title states there is this guy that i like & well i think he likes me but i’m too shy to ask him like on a date date. I mean we talk like friends but i don’t think he views me as more than friends. Just to give you a clue on what he looks like enjoy some of my descriptive words that i shall use: tall, cute, talented, curly hair, cute smile,& of course his voice it do die for!

There was this one guy last year who i totally liked he was cute & the had the greatest personality everrrr. But of course he had to get a girlfriend like why does he have to have one like really did you not notice that i liked you. I was indeed sad at first but i was at the same time happy because like you know at least he is happy. I mean i’m not really a mean person i like to care about others and listen to them and all that kinds of things. But what happened after he got a girlfriend was that we grew apart we stopped talking daily and he stopped telling me goodnight with those little cute emojis lol. I still kinda have feelings for because he was like the first boy i actually really liked but i have gotten over him by starting to talk to new people.

I view myself as a person who wont have a boyfriend until shes in college i mean i dont know why but there hasn’t been a lot guys that i have stuff in common with but that may be because i’m not really that social lol. But i know there is hope [ i sound so mysterious] i mean it is four years of highschool so i can find someone who i truly like. But yeah im the type of girl who won’t admit that i actually want a boyfriend like i want to feel loved by someone other than my family i want to go on dates i want to make-out i want to get in trouble i want to enjoy everything life has to offer even if some of the things are bad.

Homecoming is among us.

Homecoming what every girl secretly desires to part of that including me of course.

So as everyone has already noticed football season has started which means homecoming is about to start. For people who don’t have a clue what homecoming is, it is the time where everyone at school decides who gets to be queen & there is also a dance but i think all girls just care about the court.

As a freshman of course i am confused on who to nominate especially because i hate almost all the girls in my school but we still have to nominate and vote so i think ill just nominate a girl that no one seems to give attention to or in highschool terms,” that weird girl.” I believe everyone deserves to feel special i don’t see why all the popular girls get attention i mean they really aren’t as special as everyone thinks,

Homecoming dates. Wow hardest part of all i mean its hard enough all the boys have ugly personalities but now we have to have dates well we don’t have to but of course we girls think that if we don’t have dates that we are considered losers or loners.

To finish this post off i would just like to say be yourself don’t worry if you dont fit in you will probably never see these people in your life again until the reunion of course.